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Odin Tours the Rising Star in Indian Tourism…

Travel is made easier and just few clicks away to reach your favorite destination. All itineraries are tailor-made, preference based, and client centric.

Some of Odin Tours Theme Vacation:

1. Culture Tours
2. Adventure Tours
3. Wildlife Tours
4. Beach Holidays
5. Honeymoon
6. Luxury Trains (Palace on Wheels, Royal Rajasthan On Wheels, & Deccan Odyssey)
7. Luxury Cruises
8. Orissa Tribal Tour
9. Sailing down the Ganges
10. Romance of Steam Loco
11. Walking Tours
12. Air Charter

India is known for its diversity, fascinating hill stations, entrancing beaches, spiritual cities, adventure destinations, wildlife safaris, Taj Mahal one of the seven wonder, colorful festivals, ethnic lifestyles, vibrant cultures, enchanting shopping spheres, historic imprints, and delicious foods. Make this vacation “Odin tours your travel partner; and explore the Indian shades.

Popular Indian Destination:

Markha Valley Trek
1. Leh & Ladakh – famous for Zanskar trek, white water rafting, mountaineering, jeep ride, camel safaris, and rock climbing. The night camping, bon fire and bike ride in the mountain trails of Leh & Ladakh is must journey in this lifetime.
2. Kerala – It’s famed for its backwaters; and dubbed by “National Geographic” as the must visit destination before you die. House boat cruise, wildlife escapade at Periyar Wildlife, lip smacking Kerala cuisine, and Kumarakom bird safari, Ayurveda treatment, spa rejuvenation, beach extravaganza, and what not! So, don’t miss the action in “God’s own Country”…

3. Rajasthan – The most talked, loved, filmed, featured, visited, and hyped destination of world. Rajasthan has millions reasons to visit; and one can chooses their own. Be it “Rajput history, splendid forts, entrancing palaces, desert expedition, camel safari, ethnic cultures, folklores, colorful festivals, and traditional Rajasthani cuisines. You can enjoy all…

You can name hundred holiday destinations, browse thousand holiday themes; and hop into numerous adventure trails. You just can’t cover India at one go! For more details on best attractions like - “Tiger Nest Monastery, Nubra Valley, Markha Valley Trek, Jaipur, Kovalam, Goa, and spiritual sojourns” contact – Odin Tours.

Why Odin Tours:

1. Best Travel Itineraries
2. Customized option for every itineraries
3. Quote that you can’t beat
4. Highest industry discounts
5. 100% client satisfaction
6. Good reviews online and spotless reputation management
7. Complimentary services

Monday, 21 September 2015

Haridwar the Gateway of Gods – Sailing on Ganges

Haridwar often known as the ‘Gateway of Gods’, is a Hindu pilgrimage center. It’s also regarded as one of the 7 holiest places in India. The city has originated from time of ancient ‘Hindu Texts’, and is also mentioned in Indian Mythology. The city of spiritual inclinations has also been center of many ‘Great Indian Kingdoms’ like ‘Mauryas and Kushana’. The city of ‘Haridwar’ has been also mentioned in the memoirs of ‘Chinese Traveler ‘Hieun Tsang’. The city positioned above 314 meters above sea level is also the entry of holy river Ganga into the Indian plains. So, let’s take a look at the popular attractions of ‘Haridwar’. 

Har ki Pauri: Haridwar visit is almost incomplete without a visit to ‘Har Ki Pauri’. The word ‘Har ki Pauri’ literally means ‘Lord’s Footsteps’. Spiritual tours India the holy river to view the sunrise and witness the early morning spiritual life along the banks of river. The far famed landmark is the footprint of ‘Lord Vishnu’ himself’. Har Ki Pauri is also famed for being the host to ‘Kumbha Mela and Ardha Kumbha Mela’. 

Sailing on the Ganges

Chandi Devi Temple: This Hindu temple of reverence is dedicated to ‘Chandi Devi’ a form of ‘Hindu Deity Durga’. The one of most ancient temples of India attracts thousands of pilgrims from across the country during auspicious period of ‘Navratra and Kumbha Mela’. Adi Shankaracharya founded the temple of ‘Chandi Devi’ during 700 – 820 AD. 

Maya Devi Temple: This temple of Shakti dates back to erstwhile spiritual era of 11th century AD. Maya Devi an incarnation of Shakti, is worshipped here and this place is considered auspicious as the heart as well as navel of Goddess Sati fell, after she immolated herself on instigating by her father. This temple is also known as ‘Shakti Peetha’. 

Pavan Dham: This is one of the most beauty adorned temple in India. Pavan Dham is famed for its unique temple architecture, craftsmanship, and intricately carved idols. The unequalled mirror and glasswork is an awe – stuck wonder to behold. Swami Vedantanand ji Maharaj built Pavan Dham in the year 1970. 

Vishnu Ghat: There are many cheap holiday packages India available to explore the spiritual side of the nation amid ‘Haridwar’. Vishnu Ghat is the holy Ghat at the banks of river Ganga, named after Hindu deity ‘Lord Vishnu’. The Ghat is believed to be only place where ‘Lord Vishnu’ took bath and the water is considered to remove sins of seven lifetimes.

If you are a spiritual enthusiasts and wants to quench your thirst for spiritual exploration, than we at ‘Indian Travel Agent’ provides many custom and tailor made spiritual tours.

Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Why India tops the travelers list of must visit?

India is a land of diversity and its cultural richness is beyond imagination…
Why is Indian tourism so much preferred and in must visit list of travelers?
  1. Indian tourism is getting hyped worldwide for its ‘natural beauty, one of the seven wonders ~ Taj Mahal, colorful festivals, spiritual sojourns, backwaters of Kerala, captivating hill stations, tea gardens trip, spice plantation tour, adventurous escapades, wildlife expeditions, beach magic, Tiger Trails, Desert safaris etc.

    No, land on earth is so fascinating; neither offers such diversified holiday itineraries.
  2. Indian currency is still undervalued in comparison to West and European Currency. So, the high exchange value results in low travel expenses.
  3. Indians are friendly and cordial to foreigners. The culture is ethnic but liberal in outlook. The country is world’s largest democracy and no extreme law is imposed.
  4. The newly elected Indian Government has made traveling for foreigners easy with the introduction of on arrival visa rule.
  5. The nation is known for its hospitality, leisure infrastructure, transportation connectivity and parallel modernity. These are few reasons that gave traveling to India the necessary boost; but there can be 1000 reasons behind visiting India. India is often known as land of endless journeys and never ending joy.
Role of online travel companies in contributing towards Indian tourism:  
  1. The influence of online travel transactions has increased the competition amid travel companies.
  2. High competition has ensured best travel deals, high discounts, festive bonanzas, instant flight or hotel bookings and best itineraries for travelers. Therefore, cheap holiday packages India are easily available from online and can be booked instantly.
  3. Booking procedures are easy and can be booked online. The booking can be done with credit card, debit card, net transfer and wire transfer. One only needs to pay around 20% of the total travel cost for booking in advance. The remaining 80% to 70% can be paid before arrival or on arrival. This ascertains getting high discount as early birds.
  4.  Travel companies also provide travel planner or travel assistance to help select the best itinerary at preferred budget. This provides flexibility to travel options.
  5. Indian travel organizations are making efforts to innovate travel itineraries, introduce new travel routes, and launch off beat holiday packages. These steps are making travel in India more enthralling, intriguing and full of surprises.
Let’s Check New Travel Concepts to Discover India:
  • Tea Gardens of India:

  • Tea Gardens of India is gaining popularity amid travelers for its emerald cover, serene environment, soothing aroma of tea flowers, and picturesque sights. India is famed for tea cultivating and brewing. The manicured tea gardens, visit to automate tea factory, and exploring its unique bio-diversity at the backdrop of majestic hills is just awe-stuck.

    The top 10 tea gardens of India for enjoying a memorable holiday are ‘Kanan Devan Hills Plantation ~ Munnar, Glenburn Tea Estate ~ Darjeeling, Nilgiri Tea Plantations South India, Happy Valley Tea Estate ~ Darjeeling, Jorhat Tea Bungalows ~ Assam, Darang Tea Estate ~ Himachal Pradesh, Kolukkumalai Tea Estate ~ Tamil Nadu, Kelagur Tea Estate ~ Karnataka, the Cooch Behar Tea Estate ~ West Bengal and Banyan Grove on Gatoonga Tea Estate ~ Assam.    
    The must visit Tata Tea Museum is Munnar is an eye opener for learning the art of tea brewing. It’s all about enjoying with machine and tea. The museum is India’s first tea museum.

  • Backwaters of Kerala:

  • Kerala is known as the ‘God’s own Country’ and is a must visit in this lifetime. Kerala also features in ‘National Geographic’s 50 must visit destination before you die. The Kerala tour is almost incomplete without Kerala backwaters.
        Kerala backwaters cruise is an escape to the world of romance, adventure, bird watching, exploring village life along the river banks, watching playful elephant herds, and sailing through the green cover of banana as well as coconut plantation. Spiritual tours India will cover backwaters of Kerala.
      The other offbeat travel itineraries are water sports, rafting, tracking tigers, Andaman holidays, Coorg coffee plantation, Goa’s prawn farming, Sunburn Electronic Music festival in Goa, Taj Mahotsav, Kashmir’s Flower valley, and many more.   

      Monday, 22 September 2014

      Explore India with the Golden Triangle India Tour Package

      India is considered to be a homeland of many mesmerizing and breath taking places. Travelers from all across the world come to visit and explore the magnificent country which is rich in religion, culture, and heritage. There are many places of tourist interest and attractions. Perfect vacation facilities such as excellent accommodation, multi cuisine restaurants, heart touching hospitality make India a famous tourist destination. 

      There are many exciting range of tour packages to choose from which allow you to experience Indian tourism. These tour packages come with affordable prices and customized specifications if requested for. The packages begin from as low as Rs.2000/- per person including all facilities and amenities. This proves that a traveler need not spend a lot to enjoy tours packages in India. Customized packages are offered to help travelers cover the destinations of their choice without compromising on the amenities and still make their experience enriching. While traveling here, you can choose from a combination of Cheap Holiday Packages India. To name a few, the packages offered in North India are:  
      Golden Triangle India package

      Royal Rajasthan package 

      Luxury Rajasthan Tour

        Hill Station package

      The packages offered in South India are

      Golden triangle of South – includes a combination of places in Kerala, Bangalore, and Mysore

      South India Temple tour 
      While designing tour and travel packages, agencies not only look at the hotel the traveler will be staying at or the amenities but also check the mode of transportation to ensure there is no inconvenience for the traveler. Tea Gardens of India is one of the most famous and number one selling tour packages in India. This package covers three cities and historical destinations of India which are Delhi, Agra, and Jaipur. These cities are popular and known for their heritage monuments, forts, temples, palaces etc… The Golden Triangle package also includes a guide who will explain the history of the city and the attraction that is being visited.

      Saturday, 20 September 2014

      Get Lost In The Beauty Of India To Find Yourself

      A holiday should always be a well deserved break as it is a way of rewarding oneself for all the hard work of the previous months. Therefore, it should be planned to make you feel relaxed and comfortable as this is what a holiday is meant for. But people are gradually becoming lethargic while planning for a holiday as they feel it involves an uncalled wastage of time in planning the hotels, booking the tickets, looking for transportation, and the major one being expensive packages. It is very important that you plan your holidays wisely so that it helps you relieve your stress and not add more of tension onto you. India is one of the most beautiful destinations for a holiday because it is the only place where you can find a mix of traditions and culture embedding the aesthetic values and rejuvenating some of the memorable moments for you. So, consult luxury Rajasthan tour to avail so many Tailormade Tour Packages India available for you and your family. 

        How to plan your holidays wisely?

      Now, this is the answer which everyone is looking for and here it is. The best wise decision is to go for a reliable India Travel Agent and book them to plan everything you need for your trip. It is because now-a-days due to hectic lifestyles, nobody has the time to do everything. So, it is wise to leave your planning portion to them. In fact, you will be surprised as now you can browse their tour packages online just by sitting at your home or office and be all set to pack your bags. You just have to go and search for Tailormade Tour Packages India and you will be automatically redirected to the packages that will be suitable for you. They will book your tickets and make sure you get the best deals and discounts also.  Even when they are looking for your lodging requirements, they keep in mind the full details you have given them, be it a honeymoon suite or a family getaway. You just name it and they have everything. They also offer services like arranging for a guide, your food or for your mode of conveyance  to take you around the city so that you can go all well prepared and do not have to waste your time looking for them. Besides that, the best part about it is everything will be according to your budget and you do not have to worry about the spending budget.

      How to know whether there are any loopholes?

      Since, you are paying for your vacation so it is obvious you will be worried whether everything will be delivered as they have promised. They give you full details about what your package involves and also mention what extra things you can enjoy by paying more than your package amount. In this way, you can monitor everything yourself and just leave the planning process to them. This also means that you will have a say in everything so that you are involved as much as you should be. They are experts in their field so they are well aware of what every customer is looking for and that is why they try to satisfy each of your requirements. So, get rid of the notion that every cheap thing will not be of better quality as they want you to remember your holidays not for those few days but for your entire lifetime. So, pack your bags now and get ready to enjoy a blissful vacation with your loved ones capturing all your lovely moments.

      Wednesday, 17 September 2014

      Now Holiday Can Be More Interesting By Creating Your Own Tour Plan

      India is a country with a rich cultural and historical background and has always been one of the best tourist destinations for tourists all over the world. The travel agencies in the country are now well equipped to handle any type of customer be it local or international. With the growth of the travel industry in the international and Indian market, the agents have also changed their pattern of work. Earlier, the tour packages were planned by the companies themselves and there were different wide ranges of packages with the costs calculated. The customers chose according to their needs and pockets.

      With the upgraded system now, the travel agents have come out with a very convenient travel system which has made traveling very hassle-free for the travelers. It is the spiritual tours India . These packages are customized according to the needs of the customers. Every person has his/her own plan for holidays or traveling so if the packages are not according to their needs, it becomes very uncomfortable for them.

      Enhancement of travel market with tailor made tour packages:

      From the recent market researches, it is now proved that the new additions of the tailormade packages, customers are more frequently planning for holidays. Many travel agents who plan out Tours from Delhi are now giving options to their clients to plan out their tours with their own traveling itinerary. Now the question may arise how to avail these tailor made tours from the travel agents. There very simple steps which will make the traveling easy.

      1. The travel agents are very open with the customer’s ideas and create tour packages accordingly.
      2. Every travel company has introduced a new segment of tailor made tours with a customer care service which plan the packages according the needs of the clients.
      3. If one is doing online, the travel company website will provide a page that will have all the needed options for the customers to fill and plan for their holidays.
      4. They have different options like what type of holiday the customers are planning, the destination they prefer, number of people traveling, what type of cultural sites they want to visit, the holiday is for recreation or relaxation,  different lodgings they prefer, the cost of the whole holiday they have planned and so on.
      5. Through these details, the travel agents create a perfect tour package which will cover all the necessities the customer wants to avail and the biggest thing it fits the pocket of the customer.

      Many travel agents who are working on the  Luxury Rajasthan Tour follow this Tailormade Tour Packages India for their international clients and companies too. India has always been the visit of interest for the foreigners and having the flexibility of creating their own tour packages have made the visit of the international tourists more frequent. Enhancing with online travel booking system, the travel companies have created the separate page for the tailor made tours where the clients can feed in all the information according to their needs and this give the travel planners the space and ground to create very interesting and affordable tour packages for their clients.

      Further, they keep different options for the clients to choose from as with the same information, they create different tailor made packages so that the clients can choose the best from them. It has made many different cities of the country very busy with the tourists visiting all through the year. Now, they do not need to wait for a particular season for the flow of tourists as the tourists are visiting throughout the year as they can plan out according to their own needs and plans. Many high profile companies also choose for these tailor made packages for their employees and plan for big group tours any time during the year.

      Wednesday, 27 August 2014

      A Sector That Is Just Going To Grow

      Tourism is that sector in the economy that is not going to fall off so soon. It is a sector that is just experiencing growth and will see the same for the next quite few decades. People these days get leisure time with great difficulty and as soon as this generation sees a long weekend coming ahead, they tend to plan for vacations or travel- be it personal purposes or business purposes. Thus, travel companies have to make sure that they are updated with the latest trends in this tourism department and that they are able to satisfy any and all the customers that approach them.

      A travel company cannot serve each and every customer that approaches them. Thus, they appoint people based on different segmentations. Cheap holiday packages India serves the customers and offers them great Tailormade Tour Packages India.

      Reasons to choose the travel agent:

      Luxury Rajasthan Tour is considered as the face of the travel industry which practically sells the packages and benefits to the customers. The basic need of such travel consultants arises due to the following reasons-

      • They are the people who have the right and knowledge to provide the customers the best prices and best options available within the budget of the customer. They are the reliable travel consultants who understand the customer travel needs and requirements and provide the best available option.

      • They provide the customers the right value i.e, the benefit from the travel that the customer is planning. A travel for some may be a lifetime experience, thus these people make sure that it truly is a lifetime experience to cherish.

      • They have the ability to convince the customers to make the right choice. Sometimes, the right choice may be a little expensive and may go over the board for few but these people have the right skill to convince the customer, and most of the time, the consultants are praised for their good work as they create extra sale for the company as well as make the customers take pride in their changed decisions.

       • They are the knowledgeable people who can answer any and all type of questions regarding the sight seeing places and most importantly the safety regarding travel or any specific place.

       • Lastly, they also indulge in designing customized tour plans for the customers

      Spiritual tours India

      Customized tour plans: is it a reality?

      The latest trend in the travel industry is to provide the spiritual tours India  to the customers which is becoming the latest need in the country. All people these days have to go to the travel company with their needs, requirements, and expectations and most importantly budget. The experienced consultants come up with a plan based on the customer details given in and provide them with various combinations of packages and places to visit based on the budget. This seems to be like a dream come true for customers as they have their dream travel planned within their financial budget.

      So, select your package soon and enjoy!