Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Why India tops the travelers list of must visit?

India is a land of diversity and its cultural richness is beyond imagination…
Why is Indian tourism so much preferred and in must visit list of travelers?
  1. Indian tourism is getting hyped worldwide for its ‘natural beauty, one of the seven wonders ~ Taj Mahal, colorful festivals, spiritual sojourns, backwaters of Kerala, captivating hill stations, tea gardens trip, spice plantation tour, adventurous escapades, wildlife expeditions, beach magic, Tiger Trails, Desert safaris etc.

    No, land on earth is so fascinating; neither offers such diversified holiday itineraries.
  2. Indian currency is still undervalued in comparison to West and European Currency. So, the high exchange value results in low travel expenses.
  3. Indians are friendly and cordial to foreigners. The culture is ethnic but liberal in outlook. The country is world’s largest democracy and no extreme law is imposed.
  4. The newly elected Indian Government has made traveling for foreigners easy with the introduction of on arrival visa rule.
  5. The nation is known for its hospitality, leisure infrastructure, transportation connectivity and parallel modernity. These are few reasons that gave traveling to India the necessary boost; but there can be 1000 reasons behind visiting India. India is often known as land of endless journeys and never ending joy.
Role of online travel companies in contributing towards Indian tourism:  
  1. The influence of online travel transactions has increased the competition amid travel companies.
  2. High competition has ensured best travel deals, high discounts, festive bonanzas, instant flight or hotel bookings and best itineraries for travelers. Therefore, cheap holiday packages India are easily available from online and can be booked instantly.
  3. Booking procedures are easy and can be booked online. The booking can be done with credit card, debit card, net transfer and wire transfer. One only needs to pay around 20% of the total travel cost for booking in advance. The remaining 80% to 70% can be paid before arrival or on arrival. This ascertains getting high discount as early birds.
  4.  Travel companies also provide travel planner or travel assistance to help select the best itinerary at preferred budget. This provides flexibility to travel options.
  5. Indian travel organizations are making efforts to innovate travel itineraries, introduce new travel routes, and launch off beat holiday packages. These steps are making travel in India more enthralling, intriguing and full of surprises.
Let’s Check New Travel Concepts to Discover India:
  • Tea Gardens of India:

  • Tea Gardens of India is gaining popularity amid travelers for its emerald cover, serene environment, soothing aroma of tea flowers, and picturesque sights. India is famed for tea cultivating and brewing. The manicured tea gardens, visit to automate tea factory, and exploring its unique bio-diversity at the backdrop of majestic hills is just awe-stuck.

    The top 10 tea gardens of India for enjoying a memorable holiday are ‘Kanan Devan Hills Plantation ~ Munnar, Glenburn Tea Estate ~ Darjeeling, Nilgiri Tea Plantations South India, Happy Valley Tea Estate ~ Darjeeling, Jorhat Tea Bungalows ~ Assam, Darang Tea Estate ~ Himachal Pradesh, Kolukkumalai Tea Estate ~ Tamil Nadu, Kelagur Tea Estate ~ Karnataka, the Cooch Behar Tea Estate ~ West Bengal and Banyan Grove on Gatoonga Tea Estate ~ Assam.    
    The must visit Tata Tea Museum is Munnar is an eye opener for learning the art of tea brewing. It’s all about enjoying with machine and tea. The museum is India’s first tea museum.

  • Backwaters of Kerala:

  • Kerala is known as the ‘God’s own Country’ and is a must visit in this lifetime. Kerala also features in ‘National Geographic’s 50 must visit destination before you die. The Kerala tour is almost incomplete without Kerala backwaters.
        Kerala backwaters cruise is an escape to the world of romance, adventure, bird watching, exploring village life along the river banks, watching playful elephant herds, and sailing through the green cover of banana as well as coconut plantation. Spiritual tours India will cover backwaters of Kerala.
      The other offbeat travel itineraries are water sports, rafting, tracking tigers, Andaman holidays, Coorg coffee plantation, Goa’s prawn farming, Sunburn Electronic Music festival in Goa, Taj Mahotsav, Kashmir’s Flower valley, and many more.   


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