Monday, 21 September 2015

Haridwar the Gateway of Gods – Sailing on Ganges

Haridwar often known as the ‘Gateway of Gods’, is a Hindu pilgrimage center. It’s also regarded as one of the 7 holiest places in India. The city has originated from time of ancient ‘Hindu Texts’, and is also mentioned in Indian Mythology. The city of spiritual inclinations has also been center of many ‘Great Indian Kingdoms’ like ‘Mauryas and Kushana’. The city of ‘Haridwar’ has been also mentioned in the memoirs of ‘Chinese Traveler ‘Hieun Tsang’. The city positioned above 314 meters above sea level is also the entry of holy river Ganga into the Indian plains. So, let’s take a look at the popular attractions of ‘Haridwar’. 

Har ki Pauri: Haridwar visit is almost incomplete without a visit to ‘Har Ki Pauri’. The word ‘Har ki Pauri’ literally means ‘Lord’s Footsteps’. Spiritual tours India the holy river to view the sunrise and witness the early morning spiritual life along the banks of river. The far famed landmark is the footprint of ‘Lord Vishnu’ himself’. Har Ki Pauri is also famed for being the host to ‘Kumbha Mela and Ardha Kumbha Mela’. 

Sailing on the Ganges

Chandi Devi Temple: This Hindu temple of reverence is dedicated to ‘Chandi Devi’ a form of ‘Hindu Deity Durga’. The one of most ancient temples of India attracts thousands of pilgrims from across the country during auspicious period of ‘Navratra and Kumbha Mela’. Adi Shankaracharya founded the temple of ‘Chandi Devi’ during 700 – 820 AD. 

Maya Devi Temple: This temple of Shakti dates back to erstwhile spiritual era of 11th century AD. Maya Devi an incarnation of Shakti, is worshipped here and this place is considered auspicious as the heart as well as navel of Goddess Sati fell, after she immolated herself on instigating by her father. This temple is also known as ‘Shakti Peetha’. 

Pavan Dham: This is one of the most beauty adorned temple in India. Pavan Dham is famed for its unique temple architecture, craftsmanship, and intricately carved idols. The unequalled mirror and glasswork is an awe – stuck wonder to behold. Swami Vedantanand ji Maharaj built Pavan Dham in the year 1970. 

Vishnu Ghat: There are many cheap holiday packages India available to explore the spiritual side of the nation amid ‘Haridwar’. Vishnu Ghat is the holy Ghat at the banks of river Ganga, named after Hindu deity ‘Lord Vishnu’. The Ghat is believed to be only place where ‘Lord Vishnu’ took bath and the water is considered to remove sins of seven lifetimes.

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